carb question don't hate me for this lol

ok i know this has been beat to death but monday i m either calling xr only or rob barnum to get a carb i'm tired of stabbing the throttle and having it cough before it goes. so here's the question if i have xr only install and tune the Keihin FCR on my bike would it be better then the edelbrock 3113 meaning reliabilty and so on or would the edelbrock be a better carb to go with.oh before i continue here's what i am working with 97 xr600r with xr onlys exhaust modified air box and cover,rev box, so can any body give me advise on my choice i have read and read and have not found anything that makes me feel like ok i now know which one i should get. all that has happened now is i am more confused lol so please helppppppp i would hate to waste money on the wrong choice but i want the best


rob:crazy: :cheers::p

Sent you PM!

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