426 vin # / year break down

I have a 426 and cant remember if its a 2000 or a 2001. What is the character and location that tells you what year the bike is. It would not be a big deal but I need to put a new clutch in it soon.

its the tenth letter in the vin for the year

cool, thank you supermanttr

does anyone know what letters are for what years?

It's a complicated code. Starting in 2000, 0 is for 2000, 1 is for 2001, etc.

Gray that sounds great, only one problem. My vin # is not a number for position 10. Its a Y, positions 9, 10 and 11 are 4YA.

It's probably a 2000, then. My '03 has a 3 in that spot, the '06 a 6, and the '04 CRF50 a 4. The '01 250F had a 1. Y would have been the alpha character that would have fallen on the 2000 model year after discounting the ones that are skipped to avoid confusion with other characters. Apparently, I was a year off on the switch to digits.

My bad. :cheers:

Not a problem, it would make sence for Y2k to be represented by Y on the vin #. Thank you for the help so I can order the correct parts for my clutch. I am sick of the grabing when you first start riding for the day.

My '94 CR500 was an R. There are certain alpha characters that are not used in VIN numbers, such as I, Q, and U. If you proceed from R at '94 and skip U, the year 2000 would be Y.

The clutch you want is the complete plate set for an '01, including the seat plate, 5JG-16384-00-00, the boss spring, 5JG-16383-00-00, and the bottom friction plate, 5JG-16321-00-00.

Is that the upgrade for the clutch that yamaha did between 00 and 01? I remember hearing about the 00 clutch being not so swift and much better for 01.

Yep, that was it.

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