06 vs 07?

Anybody rode both an 07 and 06 YZF450? Is the 07 worth the extra $1200 difference? There are some dealers blowing out leftover 06s cheap.

I'm in for getting a 06. That said, the 07 is said to be real quiet.(I like that) I think if your going to buy now get the 06. If you can wait, the 07 price will come down and the $1200 savings will only be $600-$700. That you could get back when you sell. Would you tell me where the best deals on the 06's are? Any near upstate NY?

Good Luck!


yes i rode a 06 back in June, and again in Sept, and waited it out for a 07,

The clutch pull difference is big ,1 finger pull.(07) handle bar height is ok. On the 06 bars had to be changed. ($ spent there) and quiet, like a stock 250 (i liked it) as for power, about the same if you can afford it go for the 07.

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