Just bought a new XR650R and facing a dilemma!!

If you still have that stock pipe use it for a boat anchor!!:cheers: I have two 650rs and i put Pro Circuits on them both!!! The difference in the torque curve is felt as soon as you crack the throttle! I can wheelie in any gear any time. That is the best spent money you can spend to get where you want to be. What gearing is on your bike? I run stock US gearing. And as far as 450's go let's see i have not had one keep up with me on the street in the dirt or climbing hills. If you are big enough to ride it you can ride it anywhere fast. And I am still using the stock carb the edelbrock i had was a piece of crap! I got the stock one to work fine.

Go ride a 450... Now the 450X would be SWEET!

I have one, and have ridden an XR600R. The difference is night and day, as far as power, suspension, maneuverability, etc goes. The 450 weighs less, makes the same HP, and the X has electric start, headlight and rear marker light. I say go test ride a 450X and see how you like it. I bet you will trade your 650 in that day.

You know it's funny to me that everyone that has a 450x sings it's praises! My best friend has a 05 450x and i bought my 650r from him. He thought the same thing until a couple of months ago. And $1500 later he rebuilt his engine. Now my bike has atleast four times the hours on it and it and has never been rebuilt. And this guy paid honda to do all of his maintainence so he would not have any problems. And hp numbers people are so ignorant of what they really mean.Screw hp give me lot's of torque that is something a 450x will never have.It can only rev for so long before it blows!!!:p My third bike will be a ktm300 because i can rebuild it cheap and they also have good torque. Honda has dropped the ball as far as i am concerned and when the 650r is dead there is nothing for me in their line up that i will buy.All there bikes cost way too much to maintain now. It's sad to me because the majority of my bikes are hondas. And i have been brand loyal all my life. So for me this is a sad day 25 years of buying hondas will soon be over.:cheers: Another thing i have noticed. For some reason guys with 450s like to come over to our board a flip us crap about our bikes. What are you afraid of? And let me tell you comparing a xr 600r to a 650 is a joke. God i hope your 450x can beat a 600r.

ej67ss, Well put, way to tell that thread crosser off! Its all what you want i quess, if you want to beat 450x's get a xr650r.

I have one, and have ridden an XR600R. The difference is night and day, as far as power, suspension, maneuverability, etc goes. The 450 weighs less, makes the same HP, and the X has electric start, headlight and rear marker light. I say go test ride a 450X and see how you like it. I bet you will trade your 650 in that day.

this of course comming from someone who has mever owned a XR650R..and if he did that he'd be intensly sad he did it after about six months and want to sell the money pit foefiddy and get another XR650R. He can either spend about 1500.00 on totally tricking out the XR650R and build a CRFasskicker, thatll last forever, or spend about 1500.00 a year on maintainence and repair on the CRF if he rides it all year.

There an ass for every seat.

i have a 05 xrl. i change my oil every 1200 miles. when i got it i babied it until she was good and broken in. and it seamed to me thhat every time i would ride her, she would wake up a little more each time. 1800 miles and she runs like a rapped ape!

Do not compare the old 600 to the new 650

Well i bought this bike brand new 3 weeks ago, in the beginning i was not very happy with the bike, i thought it was under powered and a little odd to ride for a XR. After 40 minutes of riding my ass started to ache so much i had to stand up half the time riding the damn thing, im not over weight or anything its just the seat is a little to hard for a eduro type bike. My bike is the DK export verison so its not corked. My next thought was to order the HRC kit. I ordered the kit and its now sitting in a box next to my bike. I went to see a old buddy of mine that works at a honda show room near where i live, he says the CRF450R is much a better bike than the XR, in the conversation he said a CRF450 would be able to pass a XR650 doing a wheely, and all in all the CRF was a much better all round bike. My freind told be if i wanted to trade in my bike, it would be better not to fit the HRC kit in, my bike has only 32km's on the clock. So the questions arise...


Is there much difference in power with the HRC kit installed??


Would i be able to beat a CRF in a drag race on tarmac with the HRC kit??


Is it worth trading in such a new bike for a new CRF450R??

Any HRC bike owners???


Taken last week

I'm 6'7 230 and I rode my friends CRF450R after I had been on the pig for about a year. I was hitting the throttle hard and I was wondering where the heck is this "awe inspiring" hit that the CRF450R is supposed to have. If you gear the BRP 14/48 or even 13/52 you will rip your arms out of your sockets. 15/47 and you'll do 100+. MAKE SURE YOUR BRP IS FULLY UNCORKED and break it in and I think you'll be in for a suprise. I've drag raced a lot of bikes and am yet to be beat by any other bike than another 650R (I haven't taken on a KX500 or CR500 though so I bet that would be close). I really enjoy smoking all the bill bad ass harley riders with all their chrome and leathers too. Love the Pig! Street and Dirt it kicks azz (I'm in So-cal and mostly ride desert and Baja so if you live in a woods area then I wouldn't suggest the pig)...

lol thats cute..... your complaining about a sore ass on a 650 .....not to sure how much better a 450 which is intended for race use is gonna be, as for maintence ....piston,rings,valves,head = gay expensive work...... stay with the 650 way better bike for what your planning on doing

You want a hard hitting bike? Get a CR500 or KX500. Pick one up that has a fresh rebuild and suspension for about $2500-$3000 USD. 5th gear wheelies, scary fast, 100+ foot roosts in sand with paddle. Also check out the service honda webiste for their CR500AF package if you want to spend alot for a new and fast machine.


If you want 5th gear wheelies on a stock uncorked xr650r, then go at about 55mph, put your butt as far back as you can and bounce the rear suspension while pushing your feet forward on the pegs and pulling back on the handle bars. Try this on a mountain bike without pedaling if you need to refine the technique. If you weigh over 200lbs on a stock suspension then you can do this.

HRC kit with increased comression piston raises rear wheel horsepower from 45 to about 55, both configurations uncorked.

Good luck with your power struggle.

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