clutch wear

what are some if the signs to look out for telling you it's time to change out your clutch? Is there a recomended hour usage on most clutch packs. I ride an 06 450. Just got to stay on top of all the maintenance

Bad behavior, as in slipping, failing to release cleanly, failing to engage smoothly, etc. Clutches are like brakes. There is no way to say how long they'll last because it depends entirely on how and how much you use them.

thanks for the info. I have heard from some that if you put an aftermarket clutch pak in a stock basket you may experience some abnormal (acclerated) wear of the clutch componants. Is this just a myth? Also any recomendations on good aftermarket clitch kits, or should i just order a stock one?

Stock is good.. or the GYTR kit.

well i think they wear down if the clutch basket has ridges then it never really disengages, so more wear.

so you have to file it down some or get a billet basket.

I just raced a worcs race in mesquite and fryed my i bought new stock friction and steel plates.....i went to ride today and the clutch wouldn't fully disengage. I'd click it into first and the bike would start rolling? Is that a sign of anything else I should check out. Someone mentioned it might be the rod that disengages the clutch? By the way its an 06yz450f

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