FMF - Best/Cheapest Place to buy

Hi Guys,

Where is the best place to get a FMF exhaust... I believe that the 87-044228 will fit the WR450 07 ( Just guessing as it fits the 06/07 YZ and 07 WR250)..

Thanks in Advance..


The TT Store is probably your best bet as they will match anybody's advertised price. As far as TT's competitors go, Rocky Mountain generally has the best prices. Send the link to TT via email or the instant message thing and you're in business...SC

I checked all over when I bought mine. I get a 10% discount at my local dealer on everything and that ended up being the best price I could find. Plus it was in stock. It seems like FMF does a good job of price control. If you shop one dealer alot, try beating them up for a good price.

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