well how hard is it to rebuild the carb? im having issues...

thing is im in college and the bike doesn't get used too much. so i think the carb got gummed up. i already took the carb off and sprayed gum out in the bowl and what not to clear out some of the jets. it helped but still ran like crap.

so tonight i got a new plug sprayed some starter fluid in the hole put the plug in and it ran then stopped. so it has to be the carb cause even if i spray it in the filter it funs for a little.

so how bad is it to take apart or any thing else i should look at? so i have to replace any gaskets or any thing if i take it apart?

thanks for the help. i miss riding my bike.

Did you check and make sure gas is making it to the carb. The tank could be gummed up also.

Any time I have drained the carb or taken it off, it takes a few times of starting and dieing to prime completely. Then it runs fine after that.

well i drained the tank into the tractor and ran some fresh gas.

i took the carb off and sprayed gum out in the summer.

so it seems like it has to be the carb. its not getting gas. i can kick it all day and nothing will happen.

its on an 01 with the stock cams

take the bowl back off and insure you floats are not sticking in the up position. This will turn off the fuel flow to the carb. You have something holding them up or they are just stuck up there.

is it just the float that could be the problem? i figured the jets could be gummed up too.

Use the straw tip and some high power carb cleaner to spray out the jets. If I remember correctly there are three in the bowl and two on the inlet side of the slide. Check your floats are moving properly and that your float needle vavle (controls fuel into the carb) is functioning properly also.

hey one more question. any one ever get the bowl off with out taking the carb off?

its kinda a pita to take the carb off.

it can be done but..... You will want it off the bike completely when you are cleaning out those jets. Cause you will have a fairly large amount of carb cleaner flying around cearing out those things.

damn... thanks for the help...

i was looking for the easy way out. now im debating going to do it now.

Yea, I would either get it taken off and do the work in a well ventilated room or put it off till tomorrow. Its cold in north carolina, I cant even imagine how cold it is in Jersey.

yea its not really that bad. today was in the 40s i guess.

all last night i was tearing my ski apart for next season and i was wearing jeans and a t shirt in the garage. and its not heated.

a pic for reference this keeps me sane in the summer months...

the great thing is that water doesn't hurt when your jumping and doing rolls and stuff


That looks like a really fun toy. Is that a project Dodge Power Wagon in the shed back there?

this was a pic at one of the skis i looked at, i don't have any of mine on this comp. same thing though...

i asked him bout that said his neighbor bought that like 5 years ago and hasn't touched it since. so its just sitting there deteriorating.

if you wanna check out some riding that happened a month ago checkout this video. it was a blast.


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