Hot Start switch

Any one interested in a hot start check out I just received my switch from them and it is a very trick unit. It is about $20 more than the Terry unit but it has no hoses or big button hanging down. The switch replaces the front brake mastercylinder saddle clamp with a nice machined one that has a small lever on the bottom. A small cable goes down and operates a new plunger assy provided that screws right into the carb like the stock unit. The workmanship and parts are very nice.

:) I got one about a month ago and it's very trick!

Unless I am mistaken, it only works on the 2000/01/02 models NOT the 98/99's.

Guess what year my WR is...???

Just got mine a week ago and used it yesterday. Incredible!!! Quality is superb and Gina was a delight to deal with. If you order one be sure to mention ThumperTalk.Com - they gave me 10% off!

Two questions:

1. What is the cost? I checked out his page and could not find the price listed anywhere.

2. If I'm not racing, but just trail riding, is there any advantage to having a remote hot start?

I'm coming from a bike w/o a hot start and all and don't understand yet why using the button on the side of the carb isn't good enough. I'm guessing this is perhaps an issue if you are racing and lose time trying to find the button? Are there other reasons?



Bike stalls in gear. Left hand on the clutch while starting. Hot start out, bike starts. Now you have to push the hot start in with your left hand. But wait! You can't take your hand off the clutch yet 'cause it's still in gear. Either try to reach your right hand over to close it--nope that don't work 'cause you have to keep it revved while the hot start button is still out. Try this on the face of a hill and you might as well get off and roll the bike down backwards. This is why a remote hot start is so important.

Mine's a '99, too, so I guess I'm still out of luck.

can you tell me more about this remote hot start switch as i havent heard of them in oz

cheeers pesh

There is an article in the January 2002 Motocross Action magazine regarding the DR.D hot start system on page 100 if anyone is interested.

I have yet to use my hot start button! :D No matter how warm my bike gets, it usually starts on the first or second kick w/o the hot start pulled out. I don't know why but I'm not complaining :) I just wanted to point out that if your bike is starting like mine, this mod may not be necessary. I use the same starting technique (as shown by Yamaha on their web site) every time. I was riding last weekend in NC and my bike was covered in dried mud which you would think would make the engine hotter with the mud acting as an insulator. Still the bike cranked up easily on the first or second kick without the hot start. Happy rid'n all!

Everytime I crash (which is often) droping the bike on the left side, it will not start without using the red button. I am installing the Ty Davis system because I want that little bit of air in the hose. Seems to help I have heard.

HerkyPilot.....Your not riding fast enough dude...Bounce it off the ground a time or two and you will be very happy to have that little red button.....

Bonzai :)

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