USD 47mm Showas installed

Well.. after blowing fork seals at the last two long rides, I had my suspension guy go through my forks again.. Bad news was the forks were just wore out, Bushings, coatings on sliders, etc. as plush as any fork I have used... I just wasn't happy with the large hits when riding at speed. So I just opted to go for it and get a set of USD forks

I got them off ebay $135. off a 2000 CR250. Not as good as the newer Showas but good enough.

Had my suspension guy, clean, inspect, revalve using racetech goldvalves, respring 48kg, replace fork seals and just make them as good as possible.

I went ahead and ordered the uber expensive Emig Racing triple clamp conversion with the UTB mount Revolution II stabilizer. The unit came with everything needed except upper bearing, nuts and washers. You can just use your existing.

Put her together this weekend and put a few miles on it but with no real time on it yet. So far very happy with set up.




Super sweet BIKE!

That's an interesting post mount. Did the oil cap come with it?

Anyway, Gary's stuff is top notch.

That's an interesting post mount. Did the oil cap come with it?

Anyway, Gary's stuff is top notch.

yep.. and honestly the only thing I'm going to change. it's a big PITA to add or change oil.. have to remove stabilizer and post just to change oil..

same as the scotts with the oil bolt mount.. wanted Gary to make me a forward mount unit but ran out of time for the big ride on Saturday

Looks Sweet....:cheers:


Looks great, I just done doing the same thing to my 96 XR600R. I love mine. Way nicer on the whoops and a little quiker in the steering.

Bump. How is the Emig mount holding up? I mine just arrived, I didn't realize how it mounted, to the oil fill cap. I can't say I love this but if it will be alright I can be happy with it, so long as it wont end up cracking my head post.

Now I have to get an oil site tube. Anyway to make a cheap one, that wont reply shipping to Canada?

Sorry for bringing up the dead, but thanks for the help.

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