Looking for lower XR650R Foot Pegs

Anyone know of a kit to lower the footpegs 2" or 3"? I'm long legged and standing up from sitting on the bike is like doing a very deep knee bend. Thanks for the help. Also looking for the highest handlebars available - have Pro-Tapers highest now.

look to raising your bars first if you haven't already.

stock bars, triple, and riding position are a joke!

Not sure which bend of bar that you have, but in the Pro-Taper Contours either the Pastrana FMX or ATV High are at 4.75 in. in height. These bars are identical except for width (the Pastrana's are 1/2" narrower). You can get the Contour ATV High (5.64" high), but these bars also have much more sweep than the two previously mentioned bars. Tag Metals also has a few set of bars that over 4.5" tall.

There isn't anyone that makes a kit to lower the pegs like you want to do. It is a challenge to even find a setup that will lower more than 3/8" (there are previous threads on this topic around here somewhere).

I would think that your best bet would be to work on the other end. It will probably be cheapest to have a custom made seat that is extra extra tall (I have an SDG tall, but I'm betting that you want to go even higher than that). I would combine that with not only the tallest bars that you can find, but also the tallest clamp. I have a BRP upper clamp on my 650R, and I know that they make different heights of bar mounts. You may want to call someone like them and have a custom set made that adds another 3 inches or so of height. Emig Racing is also another good place to get custom made triple clamps.

Besides, if you make the rest of the bike taller (seat/bars) and you don't go lower with your feet, you may save yourself a broken toe or two.

Welcome to TT, Bajapilot....

What bend are you using, I have a R.C.high bend from Renthal

with Scott's sub mount , Works pretty good for me..I'm 6'5" ...


I am looking as well. I am 6'-4" and made custom peg mounts for my CRF250, and was hoping to avoid same on XR650R. I currently using a standard looking rise (unknown model) pro taper bar with scott triple clamp and under mount steering stabilizer bar clamp. Have 1" tall SDG seat, but it still isn't quite enough. SDG makes a custom 1-3/4" taller seat for Preston. That would probably be about right. I am thinking about buying KX tall bend to see if it is any better. I will post photos of reconfigured footpeg mounts when done.

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