question about 2007 shock body

Is it normal to have a little play in the whole unit when they are new.I guess i have never noticed any play in them when they are new but have always ended up with some as i got more hours on it.The bike has only been ridden about 4 times.I hope that i dont have to rebuild anything.

anybody?Do i need to order a rebuild kit?

"A little play" is a kind of nebulous term. How much play? What are you doing to be able to see the play? Inquiring minds....

If you grab the resevoir and wiggle it back and forth you can feel some movement in it.My question is that normal?I have never checked a new bike before this.

If you are grabbing it by the reservoir, you are probably just rotating the shock in it's bearings. The shock bearings are ball ended bearings like the ends of high end rod joints, and they can pivot to some degree. If what you are doing is rotating the entire shock, that's normal.

both of ours have no play when you wiggle the resevoir. About 8 hours on one and zero on the other.

It isn't really "free" play, like anything is actually loose, or has clearance in it, but if you push it some, you can normally cause the shock to rotate slightly on its spherical bearings by pushing the reservoir forward or backward.

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