93 650L Carb and other questions

I just traded for a 93 650L and have a few questions. First, this is the first carb I have seen that doesn't have an adjustable float tang??? Is there any way to set the floats or is it one setting does it all, don't mess with it the factory knows best. Second, I am only putting out 5.8 amps current to the main fuse, it should be around 13 amps, the stator resistance checks fine but I can't get a reading on the rectifier with my ohm meter, anyone have this problem, any suggestions, I don't think I am getting a charge. Third, where do I find the procedure for adjusting the choke cable??? Also, last but not least, any suggestions on setting up suspension or articles, posts, etc., that goes into detail on the 650L suspension. Thanks for any and all help.

Float is not adjustable.

You won't get full current output unless you have full load.

Check with a voltmeter at the battery to see if its charging.

13, 13.5, 14 volts, that'd be nice to see.

Choke cable adjustment- well, if the little slide bottoms out with the choke 'off' that's probably all you need.


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