93 650L electical safety switches

I have heard that if you pull the clutch safety switch wires from the cluth lever perch, short them together and run a ground that this will disable the clutch safety, the kickstand safety and the nuetral safety switch. Sounds like a good idea to me and a better way to go so in the event you are a ways from camp and do the big endo, coming up minus some parts and skin, you will not have to worry if your kick stand, clutch lever and perch, etc. are missing a few wires causing your bike not to start with no tow truck in sight. Has anyone done this, did it cause any problems, any issues, etc.???

I only removed my kickstand switch from my 1995 650L.. I have left all of the others intact though. Haven't had any problems with the other safety switches in over 60,000 miles.

I just keep that little tidbit of info filed away in case I need it.

My kickstand switch was disabled (removed!) by a stick, needless to say I didn't re-install it.


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