650L replacement parts

Anyone have a good line on a full seat, bottom/foam/and cover, and turn signals for a 93 650L, other than e-bay. I have a rip in the seat cover and the bottom plastic is a little trashed. The turn signals, well you know the story.

How the heck are you guys trashing the turn signals?

With all that I've done, crashes and drops galore, it woods, on logs, on rocks, tumbling down hills, crashing through deadfalls, I have yet to do more than break the screw mount on one, and crack the rubber on another.


Well the asphalt can grind down a turn signal to the bone and a really well placed tree branch/stump can rip it off.Try crashing harder...Dave.As for the turnsignals replacement you could try the short stalk type in the front (and also rotate the base so they sit farter back in the clamps.)

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