Help With WR450F

My WR450F electric starter is acting up. Anyone know what is wrong when I press the electric start I can hear the relay going but it won't start the engine. Anyone know what could be wrong?

Hi pobenda,

my ttr does that when the battery is low on charge,

My 2c.

Cheers, Craig.

That was my first guess but I charged the battery and put in a different battery to see if that was the problem but it did the same and didn't start.

The early WR starters ('03, '04) commonly went bad. Something about shorted windings. Try removing it and cleaning it, and maybe looking for shorts in the windings, which would require stripping the formvar and re-soldering.

You may just need a new one.

I am on my second starter on my 03. It had the same issue and it was intermittent at first and slowly got worse over 6 months. Finally the motor could not turn over the engine anymore. I beleive you can buy the brushes and clean & rebuild the motor for a lot less than the price of a new one. I dont think the windings were damaged :cheers:

It was running fine until a tree branch hit my handguards back and got the ignition button stuck making my starter crank when my bike was running. It was on for about 15 seconds. After I stopped to fix it then my electric start wouldn't crank but I can hear the relay clicking. Do you think I have to buy a whole new starter or change the brushes?

Anyone know if this is a simple fix or should I just buy a new starter motor?

Mine just started doing it too so I will be working on it tomorrow. I will post back with my findings tomorrow.


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