02 Yz426

Hey guys,

I am currently thinking about buying a YZ426f from my local motorcycle dealer. Can anyone tell me anything bad about this bike, cause everything i have read says positive things about the 426 range.

I live in australia and the only bad thing i can come up with is that some 4-strokes dont like our crap fuel, but i can always run valvemaster valve lube.

Oh, and i am comeing off a kx125

Thank you guys, and help will b appreciated

Can't go wrong with any 426... I had my '01 up until April and it ran perfect with no problems for many years.... You won't be dissapointed...

Bulletproof bike.

Great machines...... Lots of power and nearly bullet proof.

if your worried about fuel, get some type of octane booster/stabilizer. I love my 426 and always enjoyed riding my buddies before I purchased one of my own.

yea you havent found anything bad because there really isn't anything bad about it

a little on the heavy side but hey that will only make you stronger and ride better

some people dont like the manual decomp but that can be fixed with a 450 cam swap which you can find plenty on here

I love my 01 bought it used and my uncle bought his 01 new and both run great

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