Edelbrock carb problems

Hi my carb has been working fine for some time now. came home from a ride last weekend washed the bike started it this weekend and the idle wont drop unless you blip the throttle as soon as you open the throttle slightly the revs pick up and keep on rising until i blip the throttle again.

IT IS Not the cables

i removed the carb cleaned it out same prob.

Two thing i noticed:

1. the float needle seems to stick periodicaly when i blow through fuel inlet on carb fuel bowl

2. the accelerator pump does not return on its own after pushing it down (pumping it) i have to pull it up manually is this normal?

is it possible to dismantle the pump unit? i removed the two screws holding pump assembly in but could not pull assembly out (i noticed a brass pin, would this have to be drilled out to remove assembly)

anybody have this problem...know how to solve it...all help much appreciated thanks:excuseme:

I have had problems with 2 Edelbrocks with similar symptoms. In both cases, the blade type return spring on the slide became too weak to completely return the slide to idle position. Edelbrock was extremely helpful with the problem and sent me new heavier duty springs. This was several years ago and the problem has most likely been resolved in the newer carbs. Call Edelbrock @ 877-888-7504, they will be happy to help you in diagnosing your problem.

Do not drill out the brass pin you see..:cheers:

Just wiggle the pump and it should slide out..If I remember correctly

There is a check ball in the pump well..carefull

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