RG3 Triple Clamps for 07

Would anyone recommend the RG3 Triple Clamps for the 07 450? I read that they really help with arm pump and vibration. In addition, RG3 recommends a 22mm off set? Is this better than stock on the 07?

Personally, I wouldn't change the offset. The bike simply does not need that big a change to the steering geometry. The test group Applied Racing put together, which included Doug Dubach, liked 24mm the best, and that's barely different from the 25mm stock offset. My own experience with 22.5 on my '03 hasn't been 100% positive, and I like the way the '06 works jut the way it is.

The only vibration you should be getting is from the ground. The engine is extremely smooth.

My advice would be to change the top clamp IF you need to make use of the alternative bar positions available, or if you just have to blow some money on bling. Buy a Rekluse e-Axle if you feel compelled to play with the fork offset.

A cheap but effective way to stop vibrations in the bars is to use the moose bark busters. The metal ones without the gay plastic ears. they really stiffen up the bars so that any shock coming up from the ground is deadened. Plus you never have to replace levers again.

I have RG3's on my 06 and they do absolutely nothing to help arm pump.

the best way to get rid of arm pump is to work out and ride. but if you have to get a new triple camp then i would go with the 24mm like grey said. this bike responds really well to small changes.

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