RAD Hubs

Does anyone have any experience/impressions of these?

I have not used them personally, but they are a very heavy hub. The "hex design" of the hub uses up a lot of extra metal.

Both the Excel hubs and the Talons are better units. I am getting a Talon for the rear of my 650R very soon. I've wasted my 2nd OEM rear hub this year and am upset with the OEM hub longevity. The Excel hubs give you the advantage of being able to change the carriers to fit other bikes, but the Talons are well known to be the "Gold" standard for which all other hubs are measured. You get what you pay for.

I've used them for 3 years now and love them. You can grease your wheelbearings without removing the wheels, and they are also modular in that you can change the sprocket/rotor carriers to fit other bikes. I had to change my front rotor carrier to fit the CRF rotor when I changed my front end to USD forks and it was inexpensive to do so.



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