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BOY! I can't wait to read some of the replies on that last post.

This is starting to sound like "How loud is to loud". A discussion we had about six months ago. And I think we all learned something on that one. :)

Andrew, It is a bit sad when you consider that it is your right to impose your will on the rest of society, YOU find something offensive so it must be wrong???? I've heard those motorized skateboards, how noisey? not that noisey, more like a pissed off wasp than something that echoes up and down a vally! It is your right to choose a quiet pipe, it is everyone elses to choose what THEY, NOT YOU want!

If you do not like the noise associated with trail bikes then either do not ride them or do not ride with people with loud pipes. Your view on this is no more valid than anybody elses but your capitulation to the greens is more likely to get the sport banned that anything else as once they get a toe hold they aint gonna stop at noise are they?

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Why is it that somebody living in The United Kingdom has it figured out and another person living here in the United States dosen't have a clue????????

Just like George Bush said " If your not with us, you are against us".

:D As the saying goes...."When America sneezes...the UK catches a cold "....I think that we are next............. :)

... They are right when they quote 10,000,000, because sound or dB ratings are logarithmic. A twofold increase in percieved noise is not 2x on the numerical scale, it is something like 100 times...

10,000,000 linear is 70dB. Sound measurements are all bunk so they can say pretty much whatever they want.

There is no point reasoning with unreasonable people. They use the words to make their case but the fact is they don't like us and we are an easy mark. Nothing you say will change their minds. Best thing you can do is not piss off the regular people that do most of the voting and give money to political organizations that fight them. If you see them in our riding areas, be who they expect you to be and maybe they won't come back. As soon as they frequent an area enough they will fight hard to keep you out. Roost em, scare the sh*t out of em, whatever it takes. Same with X-country skiers on snowmobile trails. They can yield to the ZR or get clipped at the knees, up to them.

That said we should be sensitive to pissing off people in residential areas and respect other peoples rights. Just give the greenies as much hell as possible. If you ride in sensitive or traditionally shared-use areas where it is likely to piss regular joes off keep quiet, otherwise do whatever you like.

Lobbiests and lawyers will keep the areas open, unfortunately these guys don't work for free. Join the organizations that will help or don't complain when you have to drive an extra 50 or 100 miles round trip to ride.


Good points, all. Just a couple of observations in the world according to Dan:

The enviro wackos that do this will never be satisfied.

We do need to be aware of who votes, and be careful when around dwellings, etc. Don't piss off the masses who don't really have a dog in this fight. They determine our future.

We need to stay together enough to protect our Constitutional rights of self-determination. We don't need all the land. We should leave some untouched. We should have hiking/backpacking only areas. Big ones. We should also have big areas for motorized recreation. But we cannot trust the enviros to compromise on this point. They want it all.

We need to participate in the political and legal process to protect our rights. And that costs money. The greens have done it to us for years. It is time we put up or shut up. Getting involved or sending money to those who do is the only way.

Each person in the US who rides can make a difference. The greens are a small vocal group. We need to be the same. Having the right means sometimes having to fight to keep it!

Good job, gents. Hope you feel strongly enough to do something about it.


Nevermind..... gonna bottles this one up and let it explode later.............kinda gettin frustrated here.


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