2007 WR450 Help!!!

Hi all,

New to the site....I am impressed by the amount of useable knowledge the members of this site display, thank you.....

Does anyone know if the 2007 WR450 is going to require the same mods as the 05 and 06? I take delivery of an 07 sometime during the next week and I just wanted to see if anyone had the tech tips sorted out yet....I currently ride a YZ125 so this change to the WR should require a rag in my riding kit to wipe the s$&*eating grin off my face.

I think that once they hit the floors of garages all over this big spinning rock we inhabit, the results from tinkering will be known. I think that basic throttle, airbox and for you guys grey wire mods will be the same, but we'll have to wait and see.

Let us know what you think of it when you get it.


I just got mine last night. I love it I was riding a 95 wr250 2 stroke before. I have about 50 miles on it and am going to get the yamaha mod kit soon about $40. My uderstanding is that it takes of the emissions and gives step by step info on the free mods. Right now its quiet and pretty tame the suspension is nice and it does not feel heavy like I thought it might.

what is the yamaha mod kit? where do u get it?

jnrdesertrats......how hard is it to get the carb out on your new bike? ...and please report in the New thread on top of this forum what mods are needed when you find out.

I also went from a yz125 to an '06 wr450, I rode the yz a couple of weeks ago and couldnt wait to get off it and back on the wr, the yz is way lighter and you can throw it around very easily but the wr's power and traction make for a funner, easier ride, for me at least, I just put on the yama AIS removal kit and it says on the package "06-07 AIS removal kit" also installed the PMB insert and love the new power, have fun on your '07, you wont be disappointed

what is the Yamaha mod kit? where do u get it?

it is an AIS removal kit that comes with a jets and a needle!

you get it at the Yamaha dealer!

just picked up my o7 wr today the dealer gave me a ais removel kit from last years bike does anyone know if they are the same and will work on the 07

just picked up my o7 wr today the dealer gave me a ais removel kit from last years bike does anyone know if they are the same and will work on the 07

New model = a whole new set of issues. You're one of the firsts, so you may have to venture into uncharted waters and find out all by your lonesome. Aftermarket products and homegrown tweaks are going to be a ways off. It's like deja-vu all over again...SC

yeah thats what i thought i guess i will start tearing it apart cause it is barly rideable.

06 AIS kit

the pilot jet and needle and Yz throttle stop are the same but the AIS block of plugs are not the same size. From what I read everyone is making their own block of stoppers.



I just got my 2007 wr450f last week and from what I can see, Dynojet and JD (very much encouraged from the site) both have jet kits. If you don't care about the bottom end. (desert riding etc.) then just cut the throttle stop down to 18.3mm (instructions are on PDF from Dynojet.com) and make some subtle exhaust mods at the cone on the stock pipe. (which is rather attractive compared to the old XR pipes of yore). From what I can gather, if you do need your bottom end (slippery stream crossings threading trees etc) then you need to cut or disconnect the gray wire modify the pipe at the cone some and go with a jet kit, new needle, pilot and main jet. Some have already "unsnorkled the airbox" but the bike seems plenty strong on the mid to top end with some substantial throttle on board. the chassis is a dream even at my fat old age but I had trouble with low-end to mid range transition stuff partial throttle. I'm ready to "rip the carb out" and throw $70 of jetting at it. Whoever gets good results tell us, but that's the way I am heading. Now if I could just get someone else to do it for me..........................

yes,this bike s***s to ride out of the box.the old stuff will not fit. and the new stuff is not out yet.or is it? dirt bike has WRunplugged<on pg.128. where do we get these parts know?????????????please help.

The gytr tech guy said the o7 wr450 kit uses a 175 a 50 and a DTRK needle that

I cannot find a part # unless it's a brand new needle.

I used the FMF jet kit (which is dynojet) worked great.:applause:

No, you will need an '07 Kit. Yamaha recalled the first ones they put out. But you can now purchase the Yamaha Technology-Racing AIS Removal Kit/YPAD Competition Kit, GYT-5TJ93-69-01 for about 50 bucks. I would not recommend that you use the #175 main jet that comes with it. Consider going down to a #168. You also might consider a #48 pilot jet instead of the #50 that comes with the kit. Good luck!

Not trying to be all up in the kool aid here, but the 2007 yz throttle stop is 23.5 mm. Bought and measured yesterday. PN 5jg-14591-00-00 Any shorter than that is strongly discouraged.

what is the yamaha mod kit? where do u get it?

A 12 pack and some Ted Nuggent:thinking: :cheers::smirk:

Or, you can follow the more useful advice previously posted.:prof:

Buy GYTR AIS removal kit at Yamaha dealer.

My son & I both have 2007 WR450's. We installed the Yamaha AIS Removal kits for the 2006 models because that's all the dealer had. The cap for the AIS air tube that is provided for the 2006's require cutting the 2007 air tube to install the cap. If you can find the 2007 kit, it would be a better set up.

I followed the included directions re: pipe mod, airbox mod, disconnecting grey wire, jetting, throttle stop, and removal of AIS system. Both bikes run very good now & a lot cooler.

We have had issues with coolant & fuel tank boiling in very hot, slow conditions in the Los Padres NF & Redrock Canyon desert areas. I replaced the coolant with Evans NPG+ coolant & taped the bottom & front of the tanks with heat reflective tape. This has eliminated any problems with boiling coolant or fuel.

We just returned from a trip to Nevada with some riding on the way in the Sierra's at over 11,000 ft MSL. The bikes were slightly rich but ran OK at all altitudes.

The only issue I am having right now is that my WR kind of surges/misses at low throttle settings when running along a section that doesn't require a lot of power. Both our bikes are identical & my son's doesn't do this at all.

I have read on TT that it may be caused by the throttle position sensor adjustment on the carb. I checked the voltage/resistance settings according the manual & they are within the recommended limits.

The carb is a MAJOR PITA to remove so I have been living with the surging. It is worse at higher altitudes.

Overall, we love these bikes. Great handling, power, & suspension. The only other thing we did was back the compression damping off a couple of clicks on forks & rear shock.

Also, make a SS shield for the subframe to avoid the chain eating through it. Running the chain tension at minimums & aligning it carefully reduces the chain rubbing.

Just my $.02.


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