Want to know improvements to the wr450 after 2003..

I'm looking to buy a good 450 which I can eventually convert to SM but I wanted to know what significant improvements they made to the wr450's after 2003. I am looking at getting an '03 I found but I believe that was the first year for the yami 450. I remember hearing that they had some issues with certain things but it's been too long. What problems did they have and what improvements would I be missing out on? Any input would be great.

(I have read what yamaha says they improved in '04 then '05 and done their model comparison on their website for the '07 vs. '03 but that stuff really doesn't say a whole lot. All I really see is the better kickstand and a constant mesh gearbox..)

2003 and 2004 are the same other then:



-starter gears

-kickstand {i think}

look for a 2004.

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