Vortip installation question

I've seen a few references to the White Brothers Vortip exhaust insert and I have one sitting on the workbench. That's the problem... it's sitting on the workbench and isn't stickin' out the back end of the stock exhaust of my 2000 XR600R. Any tips on installation?

A) The outside diameter of the stock pipe insert is 5-1/4 inches while the OD of the Vortip insert near the flange is 6 inches. Is the sleeve that the stock insert fits inside also supposed to be removed. If so, how?

:cheers: There are two holes in the Vortip flange that don't like up to anything on the stock exhaust. I'm assuming I need to drill and tap threads into the outer rim of the stock exhaust, then use bolts and lock washers (no mounting bolts provided in the package). Is that how others of you have secured the Vortip in place?

I'll be calling the store where I purchased the Vortip (online) but I'm hoping someone out there might have answers. Thanks

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