rebuilt or after market starters wr450 2005

anyone know where i can get an aftermarket starter for my wr 450f 2005? its gone kaput and its a beech to start it now.

i am looking for a rebuilt, aftermarket, or a oem one for under $200.

no such thing. your stuck with OEM!

i rebuilt mine. everything tested out fine. put it in. nothing.

bought a new OEM one.

I was looking around ahwile back for a 2006 starter(same as 2005 starter?) and the dealership in town wanted $270. A search of some online yamaha parts sites showed some prices slightly under $200. Just do a google search for yamaha will bring up some online merchants.Try TT OEM also.I could not find a aftermarket starter.

BTW...the brush's can be purchased seperatly and installed easily for far less than a new starter.that is why most starters quit working.The armature if it is fried can not be purchased seperatly.The manual goes into how to rebuild a starter.It is pretty easy.Make sure you align the timing marks on the can when assembling.

the oem store has it for 192. man that is steep. its insane that yamaha gets this much. that is almost 5% of the purchase price of the bike.

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