Shifting on a 07 yz450.

Is anyone else having trouble with the 07 trany not wanting to shift under high rev's even with the clutch in? It feels like you are in top gear but once the rev's drop it will shift up.

I thought I was the only one. I am having to pound on this thing to upshift, I literally have to let off. My dealer keeps telling me its normal. Deffinatley not happy about it.

MXA said they had the same problem. :cheers::p

anyone know if something is wrong or can be fixed or done, it is really bad to the point where I have to do something about, i feel like i am gonna break my ankle trying to shift under power.

I read a review that mentioned the same thing but they said it stopped after the first oil change?? I am going to pick up my 07 tomorrow and i am hoping that is the case?

i currently have 6 hours on the bike and I changed the oil twice so far and no difference at all, also just talked to yamaha to see if they are aware, and no recalls or anything. Still wandering if anything can be done.

Yes there is something you can try - helped on my 03 -

try a different oil...I was using 4R and had this issue - switxhed to Mobil 1 red cap....then Amsoil 4stroke Racing Synth solved my it is all I use

also you all should be asking Doug at DRD what he is doing to fix it

doesnt the full synthetic cause clutch slippage im told, just talked the dr.d he is at the mini o's for the next week, picked up a awesome sponsorship deal threw him. Cant wait to try the exhaust out. They are releasing a full titanium version in a couple weeks.

Is anyone else having trouble with the 07 trany not wanting to shift under high rev's even with the clutch in? It feels like you are in top gear but once the rev's drop it will shift up.

noticed the same thing on my 07 450, not sure what fixed it because at the same time I did my first oil change I put on the power pegz rotating foot pegs and have not noticed any difficulty since. It was definately easier shifting while standing up with the power pegs but the hp oil may have had some help with that.

Haven't gotten to ride an '07, and of course, I would need to ride several to know if it were typical of the lot, or there were just a bad few. But, IF:

The bike gets progressively harder to shift the faster you go, AND:

Letting off the gas and pulling in the clutch doesn't help, AND:

The only thing that works is slowing down,

then these symptoms point to a problem of some drag on the mainshaft, possibly a damaged bearing, or one fit too tightly, or some other reason.

well it def. shifts alot better letting off the gas just extremly notchy , even more than normal. Well hopefully time will tell I guess just stinks cause 30 day warrenty runs out in a week

im also thinking hopefully with others noticing the same thing its not a bearing. At least I hope.

Dude sorry to say that the 06 does the same thing. Maybe it a Yamaha trait. Its especially hard to find nuetral.

My '06 exhibits none of those traits. If anything, it shifts vastly easier than either of my other two YZF's, easier than my friends YZF's, and so much more like my old Honda CR500 that it takes me a while to adapt to it whenever I get on the thing, and I find my self making shifts I hadn't intended to.

Difficulty in finding neutral is usually due to clutch drag.

in your opinion gray what do you think I and others who are having this problem with the new bike should do. Bike at most has 4-6 hours on it. Think I should wait alittle more?

Have you done an oil change yet? I'd do that, and run it a little longer, then go from there.

It wouldn't hurt to make your dealer aware of the issue, and demonstrate it to him, if possible (by letting the service manger or tech try it, if that's practical).

I noticed on the kids I have to make sure I am firmly shifting it passing over neutral going from 2 - 1. I dont shotgun shift so I couldnt tell you if high rev shifting is an issue on ours or not.

That sounds just like a typical YZ from way back, doesn't it? The notchiness going over neutral was one of the first things I noticed about our 250F.

i got 2 1/2 hrs on mine, just changed the oil, so far never noticed if there was a problem, except on instace comes to mind, i was upshifting and i thought i had one more gear to go and i could not shift. i just assumed i was in 5th.

what gears is this happening to you

My '07 was a little hard to up shift at first, but ive got about 30 hours on it and problem has gone away.

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