Anyone have any stock fork springs for a 426?

My 426 has springs on it for a very heavy rider, very stiff for me when I first got the bike (205lbs). Extremely stiff for me now (178lbs). So, anyone that was too light or too heavy for their stock springs feel like making a deal to someone on a budget?:cheers::p

Do you have heavy springs in your forks and shock or just the forks? If you have both I would consider an even trade for my stock stuff. Do you know the spring rates? PM me if interested...

No matter how heavy you are the front end is terribly stiff. But the rear suspension is like a cloud.

i have a set of stockers they are off a 00 426 should work let me know and we can work out the details

How heavy are the springs? I have some stockers...maybe we can swap them...Im about 215 in gear.

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