Scotts Stabilizer not working right?

It seems lately my S/Steering/Stabilizer doesn't have much adjustment, you need to turn the low speed valving all the way up (clockwise) to get the damping need for say sand, but if you back off just a little bit the damping kind of disappers very quickly.

I don't race, and have had the oil changed twice before, any ideas?

any leaks? perhaps air has entered the system. it is real easy to change the oil if it needs it.

I would be surprised if there were an internal failure of the system. I have had mine since ~97 and it works good (serviced twice since purchase, change my own oil often).

Maybe some air, but I don't think so. When new, you could fell 2-3 clicks more low speed damping, now it takes a full turn and a half...I live in Burbank, so Scotts is just up the road a bit...

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