Advice on new ride for wife


Thought I would ask here first.... what would be a good starter bike for my wife. She is about 5'3" tall and about 115lbs. Never rode dirt bikes before, but has ridden quads occasionally. I don't want to get a bike that she will "grow" out of too soon either...

DRZ125 ? I have no idea...

What are your wives/daughters riding?

2007 honda xr230

Yamaha XT225 seems like a good bike for petite women. It's street legal too!

The Suzuki DR200 is nice and small too, but never met anyone that owned one or read anything about them online. (also street legal)

If it's just for farting around in the yard or on some trails, an XR100 can't be beat, they're bullet proof and really friendly for beginner riders. AmericanSupercamp uses them to train all sizes/ages and experiences of riders.

My wife rides a Yamaha TT125LE, and she's 4'-11". Hers is the small wheel version, but they have a larger wheel one too.

The electric start is worth its weight in gold, and that bike really flies, even with my 190lbs on it. Lots of power mods can be made too. I doubt your wife will outgrow a playbike, and women really find comfort in touching the ground. Dont put your expectations on her riding-she'll come around alot more if she believes she did it on her own.

XR200R, 2002. The 1991-up short travel 200Rs make wonderful wifebikes. My wife is 5'4" or something and she learned to ride quickly on it.

The bike is super easy to start and makes very docile power. It's also very quiet with the insert in.

I stuck long travel forks (1990) and shock (1984) on mine and it's just about too tall for the wife but it's safer "at speed."

One of the requirements for my "wifebike" was that I could ride it and have fun on it too. The long travel 200R is great in the trees for me (I'm 145lbs, my 600R gets a little heavy for me in the twisties!).

One of the best things about the 200R is that they are nearly unchanged from 1981 (or earlier if get an XR185) to 2002. Early 1990s 200Rs can go for $750 or and you'll get your money back when you sell it to upgrade. Also, the wife can learn a little maintaince on a very simple motorcycle.


My neighbor has been talking about getting a CRF-150 for his wife. He wants something that he can give to her, but ride as a pitbike for himself.

My wife's about the same size and she rides a ttr125le. My nine year old son is almost ready to move up from his ttr90 to the 125 so instead of buying another small bike I'm thinking maybe a 250x or wr, somthing with a button. My wife is the worst rider, I cant even go on a leisure ride with her when I'm riding my brp, it wont go as slow as she likes to go. My seven year old on his crf50 is faster, no joke. I figure she will have to get better and I get a new toy:thumbsup:

We had both the crf150 and the crf230. The 230 is the better bike, it has more power and will grow with the rider for a lot longer than the 150. My daughter is 5'4" and she did not have a problem with the height of the 230.

CRF230 hands down.

I bought wifey a Suzuki DRZ250....a little big for her (5'8" and 170)...

Think I would recommend the CRF230 also.

Why would you ask this question in the XR600/650 forum? Not trying to be a dick by any means at all. There is a thumpette forum that you would probably get a heck of a lot better answers from because women who ride talk there. Good luck:thumbsup:

2007 honda xr230

I would also suggest the XR230 and plate it as well so she can ride it on the street and dual sport rides with you as well.

CRF 230, has the magic button, and you can set it up for her size, has enough pep she wont outgrow it. I would not get a dual sport, the street is not a good place to learn. She will outgrow a 125, in no time.

I'd probably stay away from the CRF-230 due to weight (advertised 238 lbs dry). The 150 is also quite heavy for what it is (223 lbs). As much as I love Honda, and as good as these bikes are, your wife will be cussing you as she's trying to turn one around on a tight trail - or even worse picking it up...

I'd go with one of the 125's (big wheel versions if she can sit on it and flat foot - have her sit on a few in the showrooms).

DR-Z 125 (same as KLX-125) - great bike - bulletproof (my son has the KLX-125 as his first bike, has literally beat the living crap out of it and it still starts first kick and runs great), low maintenance, lower weight (176 dry), loads of fun to ride. There are also a few good hopups available for when she wants more (or you want to play).

TT-R125LE - a few hundred more, but you get the electric leg (big plus!!!). Same reliability, loads of fun to ride as well. There are also a few good hopups available for when she wants more. (Check out the BBR website for examples of the aftermarket potential of this bike:

Personally, I'd go for the Yamaha with the electric start.

You don't mention where you'll be riding... That might make your decision a little easier too. Any tight woods - smaller is better!!! Open desert? Any possibility for street/dual-sport?

Good luck!!!

It would probably be a bit too tall for your wife, but I got a KLX300 for my girl (5'6"). It's not incredibly heavy, you can kick start it with your hand, the power isn't excessive or snappy due to the CV carb. Plus they've been the same since 1997 and can be had cheaply.

She likes the bike, and one day I let a buddy ride it after his 2-smoke blew up, and she had to ride a CRF230. She was quite displeased with the 230 after riding a "real" bike.

She used to have an XT225, which was low power and low seat height, but a decent starter bike. The suspension was terrible though. It wasn't good for much more than fire trails. It wasn't so happy on an MX track either...

Yamaha TT-R 125; hands-down. My wife is exactly the same size; I bought her an XR200 back in '02, and it was just a bit heavy, and a little bit too tall. She moved to the smaller, lighter Yamaha last year, and she couldn't be happier - light, nimble, reliable, easy to ride, electric start, and a shorter seat height. As a beginner, her confidence skyrocketed overnight.

Good luck.


IMO! If your wife is just starting out riding, Make your life and hers :p If the bike is to big and heavy she will not have fun, which will make you have no fun.

My wife is also about the same size. The first bike I bought her was a KDX 200. She was and is a very accomplised Mtn. Biker, so I thought she could handle a bigger bike. Wrong! We worked very hard to try and get her comfy on the bike. She then rode a good friends TTR 125, she rode with way more confidence and rode much faster. So I bought one! If you can find some one with a few different bikes that will let you try them out DO IT.

I replaced the bars with 7/8 CR high's and added 3/4 bar risers to make the bike more comfortable. I now have a happy riding partner and wife :cheers:

Good Luck!

Why would you ask this question in the XR600/650 forum? Not trying to be a dick by any means at all. There is a thumpette forum that you would probably get a heck of a lot better answers from because women who ride talk there. Good luck:thumbsup:

As the number of posts suggests, there's a lot of guys in this particular forum with experience regarding beginner-level female riders; primarily wives, with specific physical dimensions; what works and what doesn't. You do however make a great point about the Thumpette Forum :D The ladies certainly know better than any of us men what they like, and why.

GG116 :worthy:

PS - I don't think that you're being a dick at all - great suggestion! :prof:

I agree with a TTR125. Lighter weight than Honda, plus e-start. Your wife will appreciate th e-start after a few miles, mostly if there is the occassional fall:crazy: Anything too big or heavy, and she will be turned off for good.

CRF 230, it's a no-brainer.

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