Advice on new ride for wife

CR80 big wheel or KX100 very light and still fast and fun.

xr200. unbelievable bike. I'm 5'4" and started out on the xt225. The height was alright, but the weight was to much. My husband bought me a 2002 xr200 in march and i have had a blast with it. I think she would be happy with it, as every female in our family, ranging in height, has rode my bike and loved it, so we bought 2 more of them. A great bike on the trails or in the woods. Good luck.

My wife is the same size. I chose the CRF230. Waited and watched ebay for a plated/DS'd bike. After about a month I found one within a half-day drive. Bought it. Because she wanted to flat-foot it I then added a Kouba link, 19" front rim and sidestand from a crf150,lowering it about 2" front and rear.

She loves it.

I decided "she needed" a pipe and got a White Bros R4 system and PowerFilter and rejetted it. I am 230 lbs, geared up, and it really surprised me with its power. It has factory gearing and still will do 70 with me sitting straight up.

6-speed tranny wraps it all up as a very sweet bike, for ANYBODY. I take it out occasionally to "charge the battery"... (Uh-huh).

Standard Honda durability, and it looks sweet parked next to big-brother XR650R.

See "My Garage" for pics and mods.

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