Questions: Why the 1/4 full tank logo in user info?

I was wondering why there is a fuel gauge showing 1/4 full tank in the user information area under the avatar. I would think they would go up if you had a significant number of posts or something. And speaking of number of posts, how many do I have to have before I am no longer listed as a newbie? Hell, I've been riding for 30 years, I'm far from a newbie. My first bike was a 1975 Honda trail CR70..that should say something about "newbie". But I understand, newbie so far as posting here, and all that. Thanks.

The fuel tank is a reputation meter. If you give someone good advice, they can boost your reputation. It is intended to be a way for people to weigh your comments. Of course it will only work if the people on the forum use it. I think it is a good idea, but we will see if it works out. Welcome to the forums by the way.


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