GrayRacer!! Some questions perhaps?

Alright, since it appears that you are very knowledgeable on all subjects of the YZ450F, I've got a few questions that other folks may be able to learn from as well.

1st. I've just bought an 06' YZ450, It has 1.2 hours on it now that I have broken it in, I have done the first oil change, do I need to really replace the front fork oil like the manual suggests?

2nd. I'm 6'5" and about 230 lbs. what setups will need to get done very soon besides taller bars. Do I have to get stiffer springs?

2rd. All this business about the fuel screw, what do I really need to know and do about it.

I'm a beginner rider in the northwest riding at anywhere from 500' to 5000' elevation. I would like to ride as much track as I can but am also riding some trails. Let me know however you can help. Thanks in advance for the help.

You can use the PM feature to contact grayracer too, that way, I won't be tempted to add my 2 cents.

Chad how does that bike feel underneath you?How is the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa?Do you think a tall seat foam and tall bars with taller bar mounts will help?Maybe lowboy footpegs?.

Also what bike are you coming off of?

The reason for me asking is I am 6'7" 230lb and was looking to get on one of these bikes but was hearing there really cramped compared to the other 450's.

Good luck with your new ride & Thanks for any feedback.

You can use the PM feature to contact grayracer too, that way, I won't be tempted to add my 2 cents.
Your two cents is worth the same as any other.

My answer is(are):

1) Changing the fork oil is a good idea, but you might wait to see if you are going to do some more work on them, because

2) at 230, your a little heavier than the bike was originally sprung for, and IMO, matching the springs tp the load is the single most important part of the equation. and both have spring rate calculators to help select the right ranges. You'll quite possibly be happy with it with no more than a spring change, and you can change the fork oil then.

3) The fuel screw is simply the idle mixture adjustment. The trouble is that the stock screw is difficult to access, and the adjustment requires trimming frequently enough that that becomes annoying. So, the aftermarket makes screws that extend out to a knurled knob that is more easily reachable and can be tweaked without tools.

Thanks grey, and to anyone else, by all means, please give your two cents!!

As far Crankenstein, I also have a YZ 400 that I put a high seat on and taller bars. It made a pretty big difference in how the bike felt. I'm going to try and throw those bars onto this bike but I've also heard of taller guys really jacking the bars up so I might have to go with risers as well. I'm not sure about the seat though, it does make getting up and down from the seated position easier but also makes you aware that your that much higher above the ground. I'm not that good of a rider yet to tell you much more but this new bike does feel a whole lot lighter than the 99' 400. Let me know what you get and how you set it up so I can compare. The Tall guys need to stick together!!

i'd definetely change your fork oil, mine after just 2 rides looked terrible.

Does anyone have any experience with taller bars with taller bar mounts on this bike?I was wondering how it affects the handling?

Since you're a beginner, I would hold off on the springs (and the oil) until you can feel the need to change them. If you're definitely not doing the springs, then change the oil. If you are doing the springs, then wait, as gray suggested, and do it all at once.

I ride with mid to high B riders who are at your weight and are happy on stock suspension. I am a fair bit heavier at 265, and consider myself a high C / low B rider. I re-sprung and appreciate the improvement, but I don't think I could appreciate a revalve as many suggest as being the best thing you could do for your bike.

I also went with taller bars and risers, which was a big improvement, IMO. I couldn't say what it would do for your handling, but you will certainly be more comfortable standing.

As mentioned, an aftermarket fuel screw just makes adjustments easier. When you get into jetting the bike you will appreciate the convenience.

I am 6'2" and I added 5mm spacers under the stock handlebar mounts to give whatever bars you use some more height. I used 5mm spacers I have from some Factory Connection handlebar clamps. I found 5mm was about the limit to still have decent thread engagement on the mount studs. I found the Renthal Fat Bar RC High (I believe it is bend 609) added plenty of height needed to have more room to work. I did not like the overall stiff feeling of the Renthal Fatbars though and went back to the stock Pro Tapers ( I really like the bend and the additional flex). Lowered pegs are also a great way to open up the rider ergos. The Fastways require some mods to fit on the new bolt on footpeg brackets though. Great bike - enjoy it!

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