my hrc tip very loud and the stock one is very quiet

my hrc tip very loud and the stock one is very quiet but restrictive,what do you guys here think would be a good slip on exhaust that is quiet but flows good

2001 650R


and i want to lose no bottom end

I have the FMF Q, I'm happy with it..They now have a FMF Q2

I think that you would be happy with any of the quiet branded aftermarket "slip on" mufflers. Although the FMF Q seems to be the most popular (it was the first truly quiet performance pipe made), I have seen good reviews of the WB E2 and the Pro-Circuit 496. I think a pipe that is designed to be quieter to start with (as opposed to a race pipe with an insert) is the much better way to go.

I personally would steer clear of the mufflers that use the Supertrapp style disc setups. Most of the guys I have known (myself included) that have had those only had them quiet (6 discs or so) for a month before putting more in to make the bike run better (and making it louder in the process).

If you don't want to replace the whole pipe, there are other aftermarket inserts. Perhaps one of those is somewhat quieter than the HRC, but freer flowing than the stock unit. I think that XR's only and Baja designs make one. Give them a call and ask about the noise level.

Try this fix -

Go to Files, then Honda Exhaust Mods, then How to Quiet the Hop Up Baffle.

Worked great for me. Kept the benefit of the HRC tip, but quieted the thing down for $2 and some metalwork. The diagrams explain why the stock tip is so restrictive.


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