The old wr starter removal thing (yz stator?)

I have a mint 04 YZ450 sat in the garage,and have recently broken an 03 WR450 so have the WR engine(bare engine-no starter etc) also sat in the garage.

I love the YZ chassis but find the motor is only any good for motocross.I am looking to build a hare and hounds/trail bike,It doesn't need lights,doesn't need registering.But it must be light,reasonably powerful and preferably have a 5 speed wide ratio box.

I don't mind kickstarting,If the bike is jetted right and you have the right technique,there is no reason for a bike to be hard to start.

So obviously I am looking at putting the wr motor into the yz chassis.

I have read all the posts about blanking the starter hole and using a battery eliminator.

Would I be able to use the stator/wiring/cdi from the yz? thus eliminating the need for the batt eliminator and starter plug.

Or would I need to use the stator/flywheel and casing from the yz?

I think with the standard wr cams and the yz carb/airbox etc it would make an awesome off road bike. I just looked at yamaha and checked the parts diagrams and I can see that I can't use the stator off the YZ.

Only problem now is that I don't have the wiring for the WR to use a battery eliminator..

any ideas on how I can do it?

I don't recall anyone mentioning that they've done it before, but maybe you can take the WR tranny internals & put them in the YZ motor? Could be worth a shot. You'd probably want to add some weight to the YZ flywheel as well.

PM "ncmountainman" he done it.....

PM "ncmountainman" he done it.....

steahly offroad has all kinds of crap to make this possible and chuck(owner) is very helpful on the phone. basically you just need one of those battery replacement doojiggers. when i did it with my 04 wr i had the stock wiring and grounded the neg lead to the frame at the voltage reg and just capped off the + lead and was done with it,no battery or replacement doojigger. was it correct ??? i don't know but the bike still runs no problems:thumbsup:

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