2000km ride on my xr600r(need advice)

Hi guys,

Am planing a 2000km ride:ride: across asia on my xr600r(1992).Firstly i need some advice from u guys.....:p

1-Am using 17inch rims now for both my rims,would it be necessary for me to change back to my original size rims??

2-What spocket size do i need to use to make the ride as less stressfull for the bike?Am presently using 14/44!

Lastly i would like some advice from u guys on other things which i should look out for or preparation on the bike before i go on my journey.....

This is my first time i am going to ride a long distance and all advice would be much appreaciated.....:cheers:

Thanks in advance.........

Check out this website, alot of good info about long distance riding.

But, 2000km on a xr600r should not be much of a problem.

Good luck and have fun.


If you don't allready have it get the biggest tank you can get, an Acerbis 6.6 gallon. And get a set of alluminum bars, and a bar snake and gel grips to numb down the vibes. Also get a gel seat or a seat cover called the comfort cover. Id also replace the footpegs with a very wide desert styly peg then make some rubber covers for them. All this will make the tip pleasurable and give you allot of time to take in the sights instead of looking for a gas station or place to pull over to releive your tingling hands and butt. Good luck and take pics and write a story about the trip...

I would throw a 15t countershaft sprocket on there.

Makes cruising more relaxed and less vibes for extended riding. Will still pull well.

New chain/sprockets and tires with HD tubes would be a great idea too......

Bout the only things that might let you down on that bike.

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