06 YZ450 stock bars?

Does anyone know what the measurements are on the stock bars are? I'm currently running the Renthal Fat Bars (MC bend), but they actually feel a little too tall. Just wondering if there is something in between the two?

I am running Renthal Twin Wall Stewart/Emig bend which I believe is around 93mm high. I also tried Pro Taper Windham bend but felt they were a little tall and I couldn't get into a good attack position on the bike. BTW I am 5'11. The stock on an 06 is off the chart low.

77 mm

I run the Reed/Henry bend from Pro Taper and love them.

77 mm
You're sure? I just measured in a fairly rough way on the bike and came up with the fact that they are nearly the same as the Pro Taper YZ High (84mm), but you could be right.

My son is 6'2" and loves the Windams (99mm). At 5'10", they're OK for me on the '06, although they'd be too tall on my '03, and I think I'd prefer the Reed/Henry (92mm) on the '06 for myself.

Thanks for the imputs. I had the Reed/Henry bend Pro Tapers on my 02 and loved them. The Renthal Fat bar MC bend is supossed to be the same, but they just don't feel right? Maybe it's all in my head, but I think I'm going to switch back to the Pro Tapers.

Yeah, maybe you could. PT does offer the KX High at 108mm, and the Pastrana FMX bend at 121mm.

One of the things that I find interesting is that my son grew from about 5'9" to 6'2" on the same YZ250F running the same setup (std YZ bend bars, normal pegs) and never once complained that it felt crowded. ( He did think the CRF he rode felt too small) I asked him, and he said, "It's just my bike. I'm used to it."

The Pastrana bend is basically a pitbit bike bar for big bikes. It is ridiculous how high it sits

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