Start button blows the fuse?? huh?

After taking my brand new 2007 apart to do all the fun and free modification....I put the whole thing back together and now whenever I push the start button the 10amp fuse under the seat blows and it wont start.

I replace the fuse....check my connections to the battery and BAM...blows again.

Any ideas. My job tonight will be tot ake the wiring harness apart looking for a kinked wire, loose ground, unplugged connector.. Hmmm...

I did cut the gray wire, but put it back together to troubleshoot and it still blows that fuse on start button.

Any insights are appreciated.

Scott in Lake Forest

Race a YZ250

Ride a WR250

V21x - District 37

Wish I could help more but i'm not too knowledgable of the WR's. You got a dead short somewhere, likely between the starter button and the starter. Maybe in the starter switch itself.

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