1992 XR600 Restored (PICS)

nice bike

Really nice Job!

I noticed the triple clamp and bars. Who made the triple clamp? I like the high position, it would allow me to slide back and wheelie over more stuff.

nore sure who made the clamp, it's standard height though, the bars are Renthal Fatbars, RC High bend 609-01, since I'm 6'2"

Beauty job. Nothin better than a great looking old bike.

Both your guys bikes are awsome. I just did a 02 CR125 USD fork conversion to my 96 XR600R.

NICE 600 BUDDY !!! Hold on, let me go get a bowl of popcorn so I have something to eat while I drool over it more!

OK, I'm back.............that looks absolutly sensational!! :worthy::D

NICE WORK!! (darn shame no before pictures though)

My favorite color combo too. It's "put in the living room" clean, that's for sure!

Those are 97 graphics though, are they not?


XR's rule!!! Bitchen bike dude!!! Now get out there and get it dirty:thumbsup:

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