slight throttle hesitation/surge

I ride an 06 450 that runs absolutely perfect all the way through the throttle range eccept when the throttle is just slightly cracked. Now when i get on it it has an excellent response, but when i am just running at a slight throttle (like betwwen tracks or trails, basically just putting) the bike has a bit of a surge or hesitation. It doesn't bother me greatly, but it might make the bike run a little better if i can remedy the problem. Just seein if any one has some ideas.

Very light throttle opening is most influenced by the pilot circuit and the float level. Check the float to see if it's set low, and then play around with the fuel screw a little. What pilot jet are you running?

my 07 does the except same thing, thought maybe this was normal as this being my first four stroke, I am running stock jetting except dealer raised needle one clip and I have the fuel screw turned out 1 1/2 turns. Was 1 1/4 turns out but put quickshot on it and they recommended going out another 1/4 turn.

one thing though, I didnt have this surge before I installed the quickshot. Think I should try playing with the fuel screw some more?

ya i can't remember exactly what pilot is in there right now. I will have to look into it. I think it could be stock (i am the second owner). I will look into adjusting the fuel screw a bit though. I do have an fmf factory system with the mega bomb header. I just recently picked up the bike, and haven't had time to dial in the jetting just yet. Has anyone put a jdjetting kit on the new 450s? I had one on my old bike and loved it.

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