Lowering Kit XR650L

Thinking about the lowering bone for the L. Not wild about it as I love the ground clearance stock. Have been exploring on trails that dead end in rough spots that slightly shorter seat height would have helped me swing it around with a little better parcel on the ground...

Just wondering if anyone has used this with satisfactory results.

i installed the devol lowering link on my '06 650L, did it for mainly the same reason you are thinking (lower seat height). i slid the forks up in the triple clamps about 3/4" while i was at it and measured about 1.5" of drop at the seat. i've mainly ridden on the street since i installed it (hunting season is keeping me out of the local trails) it seems to work well at least in the limited trails that i have been in since the install though. now that my riding confidence is going back up after the 5 year lapse im actually thinking of going back to the stock height.

Yeah, was worried I'd want to return to factory height and don't want to have a $175 paperweight on my desk. :cheers:

Think I'll just keep hittin' the trails and see.:p

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