Just got a WR426 today!

Damn that thing is fast. It has a trail tech computer thing, free mods done, and is pretty much stock. I am making a christmas list and i just want to know what would be the best modifications to do to it? IM TAKING IT TO THE DUNES TOMMORROW WOOHOO!!! :cheers:

power now valve, gave mine nasty low end

It depends on what type of riding you plan on doing. About half on my riding is tight stuff so I added a Scott's steering stab and a Rekluse.......oh and don't forget about a bash plate. Another cool mod is the auto decompress ex. cam, you won't regret it :cheers:

baja4lif3 i have been riding mine w/ the free mods since i bought it brand new.. only things i have done are cosmetic.. Yz Fender ditch the number plate and loose the overflow bottle.. Other than that this thing is bitchen for the sand.. Ohh ya.. a Ribbed front tire and Kings turbo paddle for the rear and you will be golden. :cheers:

Congrats on the WR

Congrats on the WR.

I also have a 02 WR426, with free mods and GYTR pipe. Runs leaner and hotter and needed a more rich mixture.

I would not bother with a steering damper, as I have gone full on in 5th on rough gravel roads and never a sign of headshake. It just adds weight IMHO.

Change your oil ever 250km - 400km dependant on temp and riding style. If the oil gets dark, change.

I used to foul plugs, and need 30 kicks to start until I REALLY took note of the starting procedure.

Down to 2-3 kicks after standing for a few weeks, or 1 when hot.

Love mine!

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