free mods

can anyone tell me what mods i can do to get this thing cracking without spending a big heap of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ i have taken the restricter out of the exhaust the top of the air box are there any other things i can do without spending to much any help would be appreciated

1 - Cut the grey wire,

2 - shorten your throttle stop,

3 - do the BK mod

4 - Take a long hard look (use search) at the PROVEN jet specs for your bike, w/ the BK mod. The unearthed potential w/ proper jetting is phenominal!!! One topic is 150+ reply's, USE this one.

5 - YZ timing optional

6 - Remove your air cut valve (Octopus), and RE-JET accordingly. Buy a Kouba T-Handle for your Pilot Screw, i.e. FUEL SCREW (Often MIS-labeled as Air screw).

I may have a few extra Kouba's... :) (search: "kouba")

7 - gear your bike down (one tooth on the countershaft or two teeth on the rear). This mod works excellent w/ the YZ timing

8 - check out the other forums (YZF250 & YZF426). There is much to learn from our fellow counterparts!!

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