Spare XR650L engine-been through a fire.

Okay here's one for ya. I used to own a '96 XR650L which burned up in a house fire. Whats left of it is sitting in my buddies barn. The bike is all there except of course for the plastic & rubber bits & the rims. I'm not comortable using the frame but was wondering if there's any chance that the motor might be okay if dissassembled & checked for tolerances. Would the high heat affect heat treating on the internals? The motor actually looks OK & turns over freely. Just a thought. Might make a nice addition to a used 600 with a blown engine if one could be found. Not all that serious about the it, just kicking it around for a future winter project idea. Seems like less money would be spent just buying another used XRL than all the trouble of reviving the 'ol girl but I did lover her back in the day. Lots of round trips from Boise, ID to Spokane, WA on her.

It depends of corse of the temperatures that the engine was subjected to. As far as internals go, you may want to take thetime and do a top end job, dependent on how the compression is / mileage, however if compression is good and it ran well when parked I would not have as much worries as externals, like cracked sidecovers etc. I would do a close inspection, drain and change the oil. Replace the plug, change the Oring ring seals on the valve overs and change the side cover gaskets and all other exposed or possibly exposed gaskets and O rings. Then I would glass bead blast the motor and it will look like new! (make sure you cover all intakes and exhasut ports with blank off plates. Then repaint the sidecovers and cover with a fuel impervious clear coat (avialble via Lastly I would stuff it into a XR600 frame, but use a XR650L wire harness forl the e-start connection etc. From there the possibilities are endless ... forks, shock, rims tires, tank seat etc. Bottom line I would think it could live again.

I would take it apart and reseal the engine and inspect it all..

A person should be able to tell if it got to hot...Are the shaft seals

totaly melted out or..


If yop decide to sell it let me know please!



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