Radiator Hoses

For the XR650r, are they prebent? Would there be kinking problems with using radiator hose off a roll? Thinking about carrying a small section in my pack in case of a hose failure. Also - just to double check, what diameter am I looking for?

All of the hoses for the 650R are pre-bent from Honda (except for the really small diameter one that connects between the two radiators at the top).

I would think that using just ordinary hose would cause rubbing problems in many locations on your 650R. I just replaced all of the hoses on my 650R when I put on my new Fluidyne radiators. I did not feel that it was all that expensive to do. I'm not sure what diameter that they are (7/8" comes to mind). The only problem that I had was that they were starting to get to soft and worn out. They started to leak at the clamping points on the radiators. I was losing about a 1/4" of fluid out of the tank every ride. I've never considered carrying a spare hose in my fanny pack, as I've never had problems with hoses out riding. If it happens, it's the crash holing a radiator that slows the day down.

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