Deep fried turkey

I know this doesn't pertain to our sport. I'm looking for your best injectable recipe for deep fried bird. I'm cooking one today for x-mas. Surely someone in our international community has got the killer recipe. This is the seventh bird I will have deep fried (if you haven't tried it do, you will never go back!) but I'm still looking to improve on the recipe. The spicier the better.


This is a little late, but talk to Roseville Mikey. In addition to all his other qualities he is a great gourmet chef. Has turned me on to a couple of killer recipies. I keep hearing about how great the deep fried turkey is but never tried.

This may get ME in the fryer, but I'm planning on coming up with Mike on Sunday the 30th. Hope to see you then.

Fried turkey is the best! I order in all of my injection I don't have recipes. Cajun spices and butter - one of my favorites. Hope yours was good. We did beef tenderloins and prime rib this year - very tasty!

Mike, Marry Xmas and happy new year I don't have anything for the deep fryer but if you Q it thats my line.She you thursday night.


ps I think Huge is going up wesnday night. :D:D:)

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That must be that delicious smell that was waifing through the San Ramon neighborhood. It even overpowered the turkey and ham that I had on the Q's.....

Hey Jim - Howdy Neighbor! I'm up on the west ridge just south of Bollinger. Sounds like we should get together and do some serious bench racing.....maybe we could even go riding (yeah Unkle Moose - I do still ride on occasion). Planning on a trip to Hollister this Saturday.

Michael, bench racing is something that I'm still good at...

I'm on the south end, near Pine Valley Middle School.

I can't get away on Sat. I ride with a bunch of guys that can get away during the week so we go to Carnegie about once per week.

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