07 Jetting questions

Just picked up my 07 yesterday!:cheers:

The guy who so called setup my bike obvioulsy did nothing with my jetting. I asked him what he jetted the bike at and he said they do not jet bikes, they are good to go out of the crate at 500 feet above sea level. Since i got such a good deal on the bike i did not question his response I loaded the bike and started the road trip back. Got home late last night so i am not even sure what the stock jetting is? I can find that no problem. Anyone suggestions for jetting at 5500 feet above sea level. Bone stock for now. I weigh 200 pounds

I know a lot of people on this forum, including myself, have gone with a 48 pilot and a 170 main. I think you are at a higher elevation then most. On this forum there is a very informative Jetting Guide for YZ450F's.

The truth is that it's probably quite lean at sea level, and it may be totally fine at 5500 feet.

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