XR 650 R 2001, Front Fork problems

I just bought a 2001 XR650r, On the first ride I noticed that the front forks are not as plush as I would have hoped at speed, I tried to back out the compresion and bleed all the air out of the fork. This did not help that much. I'm not talkig about turning stiffness, I know this can be helped by a brace. I wiegh about 185 with gear on. My other bike is a 04 YZ250F, those forks feel much better at speed. So my question is I have a co-worker that has a set of twin tube 2001 inverted forks off a 2001 RM 250 that he is willing to get rid of them cheap. I'am I better off working on the stock forks or installing the inverted forks?

I had my forks revalved and that seems to help.

You might try lowering your fork oil level. That made a big improvement in the sharp hits.

You may also need to change the fork oil as well. For some reason the XR650Rs "pollute" the oil in the forks very rapidly. I have gone three rides and seen the oil in one of the legs already gray in color (I use the Honda HP fork oil that is red). You may need to do a complete disassembly of the forks to get all of the junk out of the valving and damper rod. At your weight, the forks should be close if they are stock.

I reccomend searching the posts for your needs, I've read about this before - but it was before the big TT overhaul of the website. Hopefully all past info is still archived???

Since becomming addicted to this forum, I have heard about 5 major themes over and over again reagarding the 650R's. one that applies to you:

The front fork oil will turn into something that resembles the finest Whale blubber, that has been allowed to rot in a jar for 2 years while sitting in the middle of an Amazonian swamp at 95 degrees, 95 humidity, having rhesus monkeys stop bye from time to time to hawc a loogie in the mix, only after they have licked a dead and rotting kinkajou carcas that was earlier shot by a poisoned arrow from an Anasazi warrior. Add some cornstarch, ferment, and you have Stock Fork Oil for the BRP (Big Red Pig).

You'd think all the grey matter at Honda, they would have something that is WAY above and beyond. But, they are a profit seeking company, and sometines, cash-money comes before fork oir needs of the of end customer.

For a 185 pounder, maybe the oil would do it for you. Replace the rancid chapstick residew with some quality lube. I'll admit I won't touch the internals of shocks or forks - I had mine redone by ESP suspension here in so-cal, and while not the least expensive thing I bought all year - it was SO worth it - it was like getting a whole new bike. The shop came highly recommended and got all the MAJOR things right. PM me or post if you want the number. Same mods as Precision Concepts basically.

Start there - but search the posts - there is more knowledge on this site than exists in the manual. Good luck

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