Happy T Day fellow "TTers"

Be safe, and never ride a big red pig after a few cold ones... this can be dangerous...:bonk:


You too! :cheers:

Same to ya!

Happy thanksgiging everyone.:cheers:


Happy Bird day...:cheers:

Happy Thanksgiving pig riders:thumbsup:

Wow...eating pig, and riding pig all in the same day...oh yeah--bird, too! :crazy:

Hope everyone has a safe, happy, and fun Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to all those in the service, especially those away from home. :cheers::p:bonk:

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all. I'm certainly thankful for the joy this sport brings to all of us!! See ya' on the trail..............................

Happy and safe one to all. :cheers:


Phuzzz said it all,,,,,, thanks to the troops overseas,,,,,, thanks to Honda for the BRP,,, Ride safe and have a great Turkey Day!!!!!!!

Iraq Vet 04-05, God bless America!!!!

And God Bless the less fortunate ones that dont have the comforts of all that we have and take granite for everyday!!!!

Amen to all the above....God bless all...

I'm stuffed and I'm just aout to crash into my pillow..


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