04' using the Stormlink??

Anybody using a Stormlink on their 2004 450f??

What sag are you using???

I've heard 105-107mm is best, how about you??

Seems like Ga426owner was using that.

Thanks, I'll contact him.

Please report back with what you find.... I'm a new, stock '04 owner and always watching these threads.

Seems like Ga426owner was using that.

I use 99-105mm depending on the track. Storm told me 105mm

It is best to experiment with different sag settings as your results will vary. Also spring rates play a part of this equation. I found that softer springs for heavier weighted riders - work against you with the Storm link. 03-05 stock springs are good for about 175lb'ders max....faster riders need stiffer

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