exhaust silent insert

hi, i have a question

i just got my WR450 06

i removed the stock exhaust insert same as the basquet there

the question are

do i have to keep the basquet in the muffler or is ok to remove it?

Im in Mexico, so theres no noise problem or restrictions

The question is:

the bike will perform better taking out the stock muffler insert and leave it as is or with the Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert (remeber no matter the noise)



I think you are talking about the spark arrester, yes it will go better if you take it out.

If you search or if someone is nice enough to post it, There is great information here about how to modify your stock pipe. I am talking about knocking out the 2 internal baffles. This will free up the exhaust restriction and you can play around with tip sizes (like stock or pro moto billet one) for the desired power and sound output.

and if you don't want to tear into it too much (just in case) you can always buy a used pipe already done.... like the one i have for sale :worthy:

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