2004 WR 450! Would like to do some mods??

I have a 04 WR450, with a CRD powerpipe, and twin Air filter. Its time for more snap. Just Want to know what free mods to do, and weather JD jetting is a wise option before or after what particular mods? Any advice is appreciated thanx.


Aussie free mods are just opening up the side of the airbox for the '04.

If you want more snap, there is a few things you can do.

You can block off the ACV on the side of the carby, when jetted perfect it will have a fair bit better throttle response.

You can lockwire the accelerator pump arm to the actuator, same thing, better response.

A YZ cam (or hotcams) work a treat on the WR's too.

search for the "grey wire, snorkel removal and throttle stop mods". I personally couldn't tell much difference as the bike out performs me anyway and the last two were already done before i bought it from the dealer.

Pretty sure there's a sticky on it.......

post a message on www.dirtblokes.com.au for local aussie knowledge:thumbsup:

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